Extract A File Icon Using PowerShell and .NET

Ive been resisting buying a Stream Deck for a while now but finally succumbed to temptation and it arrived today. Setting it up is fairly easy but associating an program with a button does not extract the icon from the executable. So I looked for a way to extract the icon myself. And of course I looked to use PowerShell.

Creating Enums In PowerShell

In a previous blog post I talked about working with enums in PowerShell and how useful they are. Would they not be even more useful if we could create and use our own enums? Yes, yes they would.

Working With Enums In PowerShell

Enums are not the commonly used data type in PowerShell but I was recently reminded of how simple and useful they really are. And they got some love in PowerShell 5!

Force PowerShell to use TLS 1.2

Recently I’ve begun to move the Chocolatey packages I maintain from manual to automatic updating. While going from package to package I came across an issue retrieving the downloads page for Yubico Authenticator using Invoke-WebRequest. This caught me by surprise as I was retrieving other Yubico website pages, such as developers.yubico.com, without issue.