The second meeting of the Scottish PowerShell User Group will take place on Wednesday 17 May 2017 at our virtual meeting home.

Please find the agenda below along with a few other group updates.


  • Group updates and changes (10 minutes);
  • PSConfEU discussion. As some of you know I attended the PSConfEU conference in Germany last week and I’d like to chat about the talks I went to and the information I picked up (20 - 30 minutes);
  • Learn PowerShell In A Month Of Lunches book review. This is the most recommended PowerShell book and Colin Westwater will give his view of the book (10 minutes)

Name Change

As PowerShell, and the group, have a much wider scope than just a scripting language we have renamed it to be PowerShell and Devops User Group - the UK organisation is PowerShell & Devops UK User Group and we are the Scottish PowerShell & Devops User Group (there are also groups in London, Manchester and Southampton). This is not something new as it was always envisaged that the group would encompass Devops (such as DSC etc.), PowerShell (including full and core) and Azure (which encompasses both Devops and PowerShell) and the change is to make it clear what we cover and help people better find us. This list is not exhaustive as there are many more Devops tools and Cloud Platforms but as long as they have a PowerShell leaning they are within the group scope.

PowerShell Fundamentals User Group

I am considering putting together a meetup each month for those members who are new to PowerShell or who want to go over the basics. This will be a small group where we would go over topics such as operators, variables, commenting, code style and other areas that would be less advanced for the main group meeting. This is currently only at the ‘gather interest’ stage so if you are interested please drop me a message.

Slack Channel

The Scottish PowerShell & Devops User Group has its only channel (org-scotland) on the Get-PSUGUK slack group. It’s only me in there just now, looking like a Rock Star, talking to myself, asking questions and feeling confident because only I answer them. But if you too would like to feel like a Rock Star then join the slack channel and post a message asking for access to org-scotland.

April Meeting Notes

As promised at the last meeting here is the information we discussed:

Keep up-to-date

As always you can keep up-to-date with the group by following the blog, following me or the user group or join the group at the page

Have a topic or presentation?

The group is always keen to have speakers, new and experienced, to deliver presentations for us. If you are interested in speaking, contact me

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