I'll Be Speaking at PackagingCon 2023

Heading to PackagingCon 2023 in Berlin!

I'll Be Speaking at PackagingCon 2023
Image is courtesy of PackagingCon 2023

I’m excited to share that I’ll be speaking at PackagingCon taking place October 26-28, 2023 in Berlin, Germany!

PackagingCon is a conference focused on software packaging, distribution, and delivery across platforms. It brings together experts across the software supply chain including package maintainers, release engineers, DevOps professionals, and more.

I’ll be giving a talk titled “WinGet and Chocolatey: A Real-World Look at Package Management Tools on Windows” where I’ll provide an unbiased, practical comparison of these two popular package managers for Windows.

Having worked with both tools extensively, I’ll demonstrate how WinGet and Chocolatey compare when tackling common package management workflows. My goal is to highlight the key technical differences that impact real-world usage.

Whether you’re considering moving to WinGet or sticking with Chocolatey, this talk will equip you to determine which solution best fits your environment and requirements. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of how these two tools map to different packaging use cases.

I’m thrilled to be presenting to the global packaging community at PackagingCon. Their multi-platform focus provides a great opportunity to zoom out and discuss best practices for package management beyond just Windows.

If you’ll be at PackagingCon in Berlin this October, be sure to catch my session! I’m looking forward to connecting with fellow package maintainers and release engineering pros tackling today’s software delivery challenges. See you in Berlin!