In their Surface Pro 3 October firmware update Microsoft have provided support for the new Surface Pro 4 Type Cover. Many people are ditching their Surface Pro 3 type covers in favour of the new one released with Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 last month. But if you are outside of the US, beware.

The new type cover, according to much internet chatter, is a major upgrade from the old Surface Pro 3 cover providing a much more solid experience with both keyboard and trackpad. It also includes a fingerprint sensor that should work well with Microsoft Hello but will be, according to the promo video, be restricted to the US only. Makes little sense but they do use the awesome Thunderstruck by AC/DC in their promo video so I will forgive them for the time being until the Redmond madness subsides.

Aside from the type cover support the update will also provide a better experience with the Surface Pro 3 dock. Once installed it be shown as System Firmware Update – 10/26/2015 when you view your update history. Here are all the updates:

  • Surface Pro System Aggregator Firmware update (v3.9.750.0) adds support for Microsoft Surface Dock on Surface Pro 3.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Type Cover drivers set update adds support for the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover on Surface Pro 3.
  • Surface Type Cover Filter Device driver (v.1.1.360.0)
  • Surface Fingerprint Sensor driver (v2.2.10.4)
  • Surface Type Cover Integration driver (v1.1.362.0)
  • Surface Pro 4 Type Cover Integration driver (v1.1.359.0)
  • Surface PTP Filter driver (v1.0.33.1)
  • Surface Accessory Firmware update driver (v1.1.382.0)
  • Surface Keyboard Backlight driver (1.1.365.0)

As Microsoft releases the updates in stages don’t panic if you can’t see it in Windows Update yet. As always, Microsoft warns:

Note: Firmware updates cannot be uninstalled or reverted to an earlier version.

As I don’t have the new Surface Pro 4 type cover or a Surface Pro 3 dock the firmware will add no new functionality for me. I know. You want to buy me a new Surface Pro 4 type cover now. But it’s okay. I use an external bluetooth Logitech keyboard and mouse. So don’t feel too bad for me.

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