Speaking at PSConfEU 2023

Heading to PSConfEU 2023 in Prague!

Speaking at PSConfEU 2023
Image is courtesy of PSConfEU

I’m thrilled to share that I’ll be speaking at PSConfEU taking place June 19th - 22nd, 2023 in Prague! This premier European PowerShell conference brings together PowerShell experts to discuss the latest techniques, best practices, and future directions of the platform.

I’ll be giving two talks:

  • Comparing WinGet and Chocolatey: A Real-World Look at Package Management. As Microsoft’s new WinGet package manager gains traction, many have questions on how it stacks up against the popular community tool Chocolatey CLI. In this session, I’ll demonstrate how the two tools compare for common package management workflows. I’ll highlight key differences in architecture, dependencies, configuration, and more that impact real-world usage. My goal is to provide an objective overview, so attendees can determine which solution best fits their needs.
  • WinRM vs. OpenSSH: A Showdown for PowerShell Remoting. PowerShell remote management is crucial for automation across systems and environments. This talk will dive into how the proprietary WinRM protocol and open source OpenSSH differ in features, security, speed, and ease of use. I’ll showcase remoting techniques using both technologies and identify which excels in various scenarios. Attendees will come away better equipped to choose the right remoting approach for their requirements.

I’m honoured to present among the industry-leading PowerShell experts featured at PSConfEU. This is one of the premier conferences worldwide for hardcore PowerShell professionals looking to expand their skillset. I can’t wait to connect with fellow PowerShell enthusiasts from across Europe and around the globe.

Prague in June is the perfect backdrop for four days of immersive learning and networking. If you’re attending PSConfEU, be sure to catch my sessions and say hello! See you in Prague in June!