As I mentioned in my last post, I will be giving my Git Fundamentals - Open up a world of community and collaboration three times this month and now we are ready for time number two!

Come along to the DevOps North East User Group to hear myself and Craig Porteous[t|b] talk about The PowerShell Standards Agency and, as I said, my talk on Git Fundamentals - Open up a world of community and collaboration.

But before I go I’d like to make sure you all know about a fantastic local meetup we have planned for October. The Glasgow Azure, SQL Glasgow and the Scottish PowerShell & DevOps User Group are planning a joint SUPER meetup for 24 October. We are looking for speakers to give a 10 minute talk and you will get help with this from the group leaders. So if you ever fancied speaking but were too afraid to ask more, now is your time to start with a simple 10 minute talk and some help from us. And if you want to attend, get your tickets now!

Hopefully I get to see some of you at DevOps North East but if not keep an eye out for the other dates! And remember to signup for the October SUPER meetup, speaker or attendee.

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Paul Broadwith

Paul is a Senior Technology Engineer with 25 years experience in finance, government, manufacturing and services industries. He is a father, Cloud and Datacenter MVP, coder and loves to automate everything.

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