PowerShell User Group in Scotland? Register your interest!

PowerShell User Group in Scotland? Register your interest!

The Scottish PowerShell User Group was officially born today! After spending some time reading about all the user groups in the US and in England I thought it was about time we got the same coverage here in Scotland.

As an off / on user of PowerShell since 2011, I’ve found myself living in the command line more and more and loving it. If you’ve read my bio you’ll know I started out on the command line so coming back feels like coming home.

As a freelancer it’s important to stay on-top of technology and particularly what the marketplace demands. Learning PowerShell now, with the increasing demand, is a good career choice. But on a personal level I want to improve my skills and teach others the benefit of PowerShell and automation in their roles. Every techie can benefit from learning PowerShell on both Windows and Linux.

If you have any interest in PowerShell, whether you’ve never used it, you’re just starting or have been coding for years, you can benefit by registering your interest in the Scottish PowerShell User Group and following the official Twitter feed.

Get registering NOW!