I'm a Microsoft Certified Trainer for 2020-2021

I'm a Microsoft Certified Trainer for 2020-2021

Like most people in IT, I’ve taken my fair share of courses and workshops. Back when I started in IT, online courses were not really a thing (it’s true, kids) so they were all taken in person. I was always in awe in how the trainers casually handled the class, the questions and easily talk in depth about their subject. Working primarily in the Windows ecosystem, many of the trainers were Microsoft certified.

I really do love sharing knowledge with people and get a lot of joy in seeing that moment of realisation in people’s faces when the penny drops. There are few better feelings, for me, in IT. Becoming a Microsoft Certified Trainer has been on my wish list ever since I gave my first workshop. The trainers on the courses I had were Gods, and I never thought I’d be good enough.

But I applied.

Paul Broadwith Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) Award Email 2020 - 2021

And I was blown away when I received the email welcoming me to the Microsoft Certified Trainer program for 2020 - 2021! This really does mean a great deal to me. It’s very humbling to be in the same program as some of those trainers from early on in my career. I kinda feel like I’ve made it 😊

Thank you to Microsoft for this award. I hope I can do it justice.