Local Or Remote Disk Clean With PowerShell

I came across an interesting script on Reddit /r/PowerShell recently. It was an answer to a request for a remote disk clean script that could run across a network. Looking at the code I decided the script could do with a little tidy up and rewrite.

Windows Update Agent Utility (wuauclt.exe)

The Windows Update Utility, wuauclt.exe, documentation from Microsoft is more than a little sparse. The utility comes with no help switch, status or output when it is used. This is a utility I’ve bumped heads with a lot in the past so I’ve put together this post to hold the information I’ve found.

Force The Windows 10 Upgrade With Windows Update

In an earlier post I outlined how to use the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool to download Windows 10. While handy for doing a multiple installs or a clean install, what if you just want to apply the Windows 10 upgrade through Windows Update? In this post I will outline what you need to do to use Windows Update to download the Windows 10 upgrade and apply it to your computer alone.