Scottish PowerShell User Group@ScotPSUG is the Scottish PowerShell User Group that was started in April 2016. At the moment I’m gathering interest in the group and to see which Scottish cities have the most interest. Based between Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling I’m happy to travel between them. But as a frequent visitor to Inverness (and have been known to stray over to Aberdeen and Dundee) I’ve got most of the major cities easily covered.

This will be a group for anyone interested in PowerShell. Whether you’ve never used it, new to it and want to find out more or an expert who codes in your sleep. Everybody is welcome. I started this group to meet other like minded techies to learn more about PowerShell, it’s effect on the Windows (and Linux) ecosystem and further knowledge and careers.

Any comments, suggestions, help offers, advice and support gratefully received. Leave me a comment below. Follow the group and on the official Twitter feed and join the group through the page.